Write To Your Councillor

Although a petition helps show support as a group, the biggest influence is for people to write individual letters when the planning is applied for as well as attending all the meetings. In order to do this and gain support from your local Councillor, please write to them highlighting why you object to the propsals and how it will affect the town.


The Wrekin Member of Parliment:

Mark Pritchard



Telford & Wrekin Planning:

Michael Barker

Head of Planning & Transport

Darby House

Lawn Central





Telford & Wrekin Councillors:

Councillor John Minor

Email: john.minor@telford.gov.uk


Newport Town Councillors:

North Ward:

Cllr Roy Scammell (both a Borough Cllr and Town Mayor)

c/o Guildhall


Cllr Tony Forrester

c/o Guildhall


Cllr Phil Norton

c/o Guildhall


South Ward:

Cllr Adrian Meredith

c/o Guildhall


Cllr Timothy Nelson

c/o Guildhall


Cllr Keith Tisdale

c/o Guildhall


East Ward:

Cllr Fiona Robinson

c/o Guildhall


Cllr Terence Spooner

c/o Guildhall


Cllr Peter Scott

c/o Guildhall


West Ward:

Cllr Lyn Fowler

c/o Guildhall


Cllr Ian Perry

c/o Guildhall


Cllr Rodney Pitt

c/o Guildhall





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