Village Green Application on Station Road Land

It sounds like a Village Green application is the best option to stop development at Station Road so I really think we should start working on this.  I’ve looked at the application form required and this seems pretty straightforward so I’m happy prepare this but we need to provide evidence that the land at Station Road is well used by local people for recreational use for a period of at least 20 years. This needs to be in the form of written statements from local people setting out how and when you’ve used this land, such as for walking, jogging/exercise, children playing, sports, picnics, wildlife photography etc.

The more evidence we have, the better our chances of success so we need to work together on this if we are to have any chance of success (we need to show this land is used by a significant number of local people).  If you use this land and are concerned about its loss, it would be really helpful if you could prepare a written statement to submit with the application.  This needs to have your name and address; and how/when you use this land – the more detail, the better.  I know some people on here use this area for wildlife photography so it would be great if you could provide photographs along with your statement.  Please make sure your statement refers to land at Station Road and includes a map – this is VERY important.  Please also spread the word to people who may not be on Facebook but who also use this land.

Please send your statements to the following email address

Here is some guidance from the Department for the Environment website for info:

The information which I need is as follows:
A written statement showing how often they use the fields/hutchison way.   Do they use it for leisure?  Do they have any pictures which they can send in?
Really anything no matter how small will really help my case.
If they could email this to me at
If you need any more info then please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thanking you in advance for your help.
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