TWC/2011/0871 -Proposed revisions to the developments on land to the East and West of Station Road

Residents in 2011,submitted many letters of objection to the proposed development of 350 homes, an extra care home facility,spec. office park plus the Sainsbury’s superstore. The Sainsbury’s superstore  was the only part of this application taken forward to a full planning application, the remainder has remained as an outline application

The developer has now revised the outline planning application and if you go to the link below, you will find a letter on the T&W website described as a  ‘Covering letter for amendments’ dated 4th November 2013, in the annex to the letter,  the main changes to the application are listed.

The main changes appear to be the removal of the proposed superstore from the original outline application and changes to the Highway Access Plans etc.,

We assume these changes have been made to allow the balance of the application to move forward while the Sainsbury’s superstore is delayed subject to the Court of Appeal hearing for the  Audley Avenue food store (Morrison) and the knock-on effect this could have for the date of the Planning Inquiry for the Sainsbury’s superstore which  is due to comence at the end of January 2014.

We will keep you informed of progress on all these matters but fully appreciate that it is a confusing picture for all of us !

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