TWC/2011/0853 -Parklands House,Audley Ave. – Renewal of Expiring Planning Permission W2008/0886

Completed by Peter Chadwick, this relates to the extension of a planning permission which expired last Friday. Please feel free to “borrow with pride” and send your own objection to the extension which is just manipulating planning laws:

If people want to send similar objection to renewal of the application without adequate explanation by the applicant of why no works were commenced before the expiry of the planning permission on 4/11/11,then they should email asap please quoting application number above.The application number below is the one used in 2008 :-

We object to the application for the renewal of planning permission W2008/0886 for the following reasons:-

A) Condition 1. of the consent dated 4th November 2008,provides that the development ‘…shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission..’.

As far as we are aware, the agent on behalf of the applicant, has not provided any evidence that any of the development has commenced as at the expiry date of the planning permission.

B) The agent,on behalf of the applicant, has not provided any explanation or evidence as to why the applicant has failed to comply with Condition 1. in not commencing with any of the proposed works identified in the permission by the expiry date.

C) The agent in the letter of 27th September 2011, merely attempts to invoke extracts from orders,guidance documents,drafts of documents that the Government have subsequently undertaken to review following strong objections from many parties during the consultation exercise which closed in October 2011, as a reasons/excuses for failing to comply with Condition 1.

D) In regard to the fact that the permission involves the demolition of buildings from which we understand that businesses operate at present providing employment,the uncertainty for these businesses which could potentially continue for a further three years, should not be allowed by way of a simple renewal.


On the basis of the above,we submit that the application for renewal should be rejected and the applicant required to submit a new application supported by plans, drawings and undertakings from the applicant as to both the time for commencement of the works and the measures to protect and secure the employment at present in place in the businesses occupying the existing buildings.

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