T&WC Draft Local Plan Public Consultation 4th August -25 September 2015

Below is a link to the Draft Local Plan public consultation information including a short video explaining the overall housing numbers reduction and the proposed protection of local green spaces.

Details are also provided about a public event at Oakengates together with links to the earlier consultations over the past 2 years or so.


We will try and keep people informed of issues arising during the consultation. If you have any questions,comments or are part of a body proposing to respond to the consultation, then please let us know at savenewport@gmail.com

Ultimately, the Draft Local Plan will go before a Planning Inspector during the Examination part of the process.
If you want to make representations to the Inspector then it is recommended that you submit proposals as part of the public consultation process as T&W will consider whether to amend the Draft Local Plan to include your proposals. If they reject your proposals and you do not accept the reasons for this, then you may be able to present them to the Inspector to see if the Inspector will recommend that the Draft Local Plan should be amended to include your proposals.

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