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First steps towards Inquiry ordered by Sec. of State Pickles for the Sainsbury’s superstore proposed for land off Station Road Newport.

Following the great news that Sec. of State Eric Pickles has exercised his discretionary powers so that he now determines whether the application for the above should be approved/refused rather than T&W Council, the Save Newport Campaign (SNC) is asking that residents take the first step towards the independent Planning Inquiry which will be held later this year, by sending objections to the Planning Inspectorate.

A number of residents who previously submitted objections to T&W last year,are now receiving letters from Sian Evans at the Planning Inspectorate asking for any submissions to be received by Sian by 10th August 2012. We also understand that T&W,as required by law, will also shortly be writing to those parties who submitted objections to them last year directing them to now write to the Planning Inspectorate.

As the first step towards the independent Planning Inquiry, SNC is asking everyone who previously submitted objections, together with others who may now want to object, to send objections to Sian Evans. This can be either simply the objections previously issued to T&W or by adding other objections for matters which have arisen since e.g.the manner and running of the T&W Plans Board hearing earlier this year;issues relating to any of the incomplete evidence submitted by T&W;actions in relation to the fencing of the Station Road land etc. The intent is to make the Planning Inspectorate aware of the strength and depth of feelings. The issues which will actually be heard at the Inquiry will be decided by the Inspectorate in due course so at present do not feel limited to let your objections and feelings be known.

One of the reasons why it is not simply a matter of T&W forwarding objections previously received by them is that the Inquiry is a new,separate and distinct process/procedure so it in very important that the opportunity to make the strength and depth of feeling known is not missed.The Inspectorate are based in Bristol so they have no feel for local issues/concerns/anger etc. It is also important that those people who objected to any of the three major housing applications issued last year also write in regarding the superstore as issues such as drainage and flooding concerns apply to the housing applications as well as to the superstore.

When emailing or writing please ensure you quote reference APP/C3240/V/12/2178683

The email address is – sian.evans@pins.gsi.gov.uk.

If writing as opposed to emailing then please send 3 copies of your letter (standard Planning Inspectorate requirement) to the following address quoting the above reference :-

Sian Evans

The Planning Inspectorate

3/02 Wing

Temple Quay House

2 The Square

Bristol BS1 6PN



Thank you for your support.


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