Telford & Wrekin Council planning application consultation – TWC/2013/0855


In relation to your email below, we confirm that the objections contained in
our email of 27 January 2014, still apply.

Contrary to what was in the officer report to the Plans Committee on 30
April 2014,we understand that the land referenced in the officer report
over which the
fourth leg of the proposed roundabout is intended to cross has not come
into the ownership of
the applicant and is,in fact, the subject of an ownership claim by another
party. We would ask that this matter is reported in the officer report to
the 24 June 2015, Plans Committee.

We would also ask that the following points are brought to the attention of
Plans Committee when it reconsiders the outline planning approval previously
granted :-

– because the Council does now have sufficient land for housing to meet
forecast housing needs over the next 5 years (to 2019), then any decision
made now by Planning Committee would be premature, and that the particular
site should now be considered as a potential development site only as part
of the forthcoming new Local Development Plan (Shaping Places), for which a
draft for consultation, outlining proposed development sites over the period
to 2031, is to be considered by T&W Cabinet on 25 June 2015 and published
for public consultation before the end June 2015;

– the whole process has the appearance of a smoke screen and we believe the
main aim is to make the
applicants safe from any future legal challenge as suggested in the letters
issued by T&WC to the various applicants in April 2015.

We urge the Plans Committee to reject the application

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