Station Road Inquiry -The Second Day

On the second day of the call-in Inquiry at the Park Inn, Telford, when a resident stood up to ask the Inspector to register names of additional ‘interested parties’ to be allowed to speak on the night of 12 February 2013, the Inspector said he did not want to deal with this now but would deal with this matter in due course, without specifying when. We will let you know when this has been made known by the Inspector so that residents can register to speak.

Today was taken up with the legal council acting for the Audley Avenue applicant cross-examining the retail consultant acting for the developer St. Modwen.

It was largely a re-run of the arguments heard at the Audley Avenue Inquiry last May 2012. It was not apparent to ‘us ordinary members of the public’ what,if anything, was achieved beyond the evidence given last year. The exception was when the consultant was asked if the Sainsbury’s superstore would have a pharmacy, dry cleaner, shoe mender, key cutting services or bring back a petrol filling station. The answer appeared to be that he did not know.

Tomorrow, the legal counsel for the Co-op will question the same consultant. We might get some different questions and some answers !


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