Station Road Inquiry -The Fourth Day

The Inspector has agreed to set aside part of the afternoon on Friday 8th February 2013, for interested parties and residents to speak (in addition to the evening slot on 12th).

He has agreed that you do not have to register in advance for this but simply attend at the Inquiry by 2 pm latest.

If you wish to speak, it would be helpful if you could email by 5 pm on Wednesday 6th February 2013, just so we can give the Inspector an indication of the number of people who may wish to speak on Friday.

The Inquiry today was very frustrating listening to consultants on behalf of St. Modwen deny that they know any details of what is in the contract with Sainsbury’s.

It is a sad indictment of the Inquiry process that seemingly consultants are paid to avoid giving a direct answer to any question!

Quite how the Inspector is supposed to come to a view on the evidence is something of a mystery.


The Inquiry resumes on Tuesday 5th @ 10.00, with the applicant’s (St Modwen) consultants presenting and being cross examined on open space, landscape and ecological issues. So it would be good if those with a particular interest in these issues could attend on Tuesday to hear what is being said.

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