Save Newport Campaign Update

The Save Newport Campaign has issued the following planning update –

A good deal of activity has taken place on the planning front since our previous update. As the Campaign has reported regularly through the Advertiser,we will limit comment in this article only to matters which have changed over the most recent weeks. The information is correct as we understand the various matters as at 9th January 2011:

Application no.TWC/2011/ 0916 -full planning for the mega-superstore off Station Road.Following letters sent from Save Newport Campaign (SNC), representatives responding on behalf of Secretary of State Eric Pickles have confirmed that they have contacted T&W to ensure that copies of the relevant committee reports produced by T&W planners are passed to them before any approval might be given so that the Sec. of State can decide whether or not he should intervene. SNC have made the argument that the application falls within the category of application where the Sec. of State not T&W should have the right to decide whether the application is within the Core Strategy.If it is not then the Sec.of State has a ‘discretion’ to reject the application.

The SNC is sending a further letter to the Prime Minister (copy attached) saying that in the light of both the Mary Portas review of independent trading and the review of the draft NPPF by the relevant select committee,that the 0916 application should be rejected and that the people of Newport and its surrounding rural hinterland,should have the right to choose what they want and where it should be built under the Localism Act powers which may come into being in April 2012.

Application no. TWC/2010/ 0050 – an appeal by Mere Park garden centre against a refusal last year by T&W to,in effect, say that the garden centre building is not limited to what it can sell and that the building could be used as a supermarket.This is a complex argument which is difficult to summarise in a few words but it is not to be confused with the appeal which Mere Park lost last year in front of the Planning Inspector to build a separate building for a discount food store.

This appeal is arguing that T&W back in 2002 when it granted permission for the garden centre to be built did not at law effectively limit the goods that could be sold to garden centre type goods only,notwithstanding that this was what both T&W and the owner of Mere Park had thought was agreed, but that any ‘A1 class retail goods’ can be sold from the existing garden centre building hence it could be emptied of all existing goods and used as a supermarket.

Just to confuse matters further, the owner of Mere Park has issued a further application no. TWC/2011/ 1086, for open retail usage just in case T&W decide he is right and they are wrong and they can then grant approval for such unfettered usage without having to take application 0050 to a hearing in front of a Planning Inspector which is scheduled to take place on 1st March 2012.

Application no. TWC/2011/ 0632 – the applicant for the proposed food store on Audley Avenue, has issued an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate regarding the failure by T&W to deal with his application within the period prescribed by law. T&W had apparently told the applicant that it intended to take his application together with 0916 (the mega-superstore),to the February 2012 Plans Board. The applicant has decided to go to appeal and,at the same time,has issued another application to T&W presumably with the intent that this new application can be taken to the Plans Board before an appeal is heard on the first application.

By the time you have received and read this Newsletter things may well have changed again so please have in mind the date above as to when the information was produced !


Many thanks in anticipation of your support : The Save Newport Campaign.

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