Save Newport Campaign PR to the latest housing proposal.

Save Newport Campaign press response to the latest housing proposal to build 108 new houses on fields on Edgmond Road, Newport by Gladman Homes of Cheshire

The Save Newport Campaign wants to see sensible and appropriate development in the market town and not to see what appears to be gradual “creep” linking up Church Aston and now possibly Edgmond destroying the identity and character of the villages themselves and of the historic Market Town.

This early outline proposal for a large swathe of houses on the greenland approach to Newport from Edgmond is the latest of many applications.
Cllr Adrian Meredith commented:
“The irony is that Newport was actually a mediaeval planned town yet now it seems that it is open season for anyone to build anywhere encouraged by this Government’s U turn on planning. Yet more houses means yet more pressure on infrastructure – water, sewage, power, education, medical facilities etc and with the Telford and Wrekin planning authority not minded to take a strategic view on these numerous random applications and on assessing the right solutions….”

The 2006 adopted Core Strategy allowed for around 60 houses a year to be built in the town over the following decade.

Cllr Meredith continued “This would have allowed steady organic growth, no sudden demand on services and gradual adaptation and growth. Instead – what we now have as regards houses built, being built or having planning approval is already over 1000. Newport’s population is around 11,900 with circa 4,500 dwellings, so this means then we have at a stroke around one fifth more additional houses which will increase even more with the minimum 350 dwellings yet to come forward from the proposed Station Road outline application! And what is worse is so many of them being built on open green land.”

Mark Pritchard MP said at the December public meeting that what was appropriate for Newport was ‘evolution not revolution ‘ – an approach which the adopted 2006 Telford & Wrekin Core Strategy itself took .

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