Save Newport Campaign objection to TWC/2015/0057 -120 houses on a greenfield site off Station Road Newport

The objection below has been sent to T&W. It has also been sent to the clerk to the Newport Town Council Plans Committee with a request that it be brought to the attention of the town councillors together with the other objections when they meet on Wednesday 25th February 2015. If you want your objection brought to the attention of Town Council Plans Committee then please submit your email by the end of 24 February 2015.
If you wish to object or comment on the application then please use the email addresses below and use the application reference number TWC/2015/0057. If you are objecting then please make sure you include the word objection in your email :

Newport Town Council Plans Committee Clerk :

T&W Planning Dept :

On behalf of the Save Newport Campaign we have the following objections to the application which we would ask that you bring to the attention of the T&W Plans Committee:-

1) In the body of the Minutes for the application for 110 homes on Muxton Lane heard in December 2014, Mr Barker reported the comments from a meeting towards the end of last year with Planning Minister Brandon Lewis, in which it was confirmed that the Core Strategy 2007 is still applicable. The Plans Committee turned down the application.
2) The Core Strategy 2007, which as per point 1) above has been confirmed as still applicable, identifies the land which is the subject of this application (and the previous failed ‘Sainsbury’s superstore application ) as being subject to policy OL6 in the Core Strategy 2007.
3) The Court of Appeal in its judgment of 2nd April 2014, when dismissing all ten points of appeal from T&W and St Modwen, specifically affirmed the decision of the Planning Inspector, Christina Downes, in finding that policy OL6 was applicable to the land contrary to what T&W and St Modwen had argued as one of its ten points and referenced her comments – ‘The Inspector engaged with the issues as it had been presented to her at the inquiry and concluded that the land was greatly valued as an informal recreational resource’.
4) The first draft of the Local Plan is now at least two years late in being published as against dates for publication previously given by officers. We understand that the first draft is now scheduled to be published in June/Jul;y 2015 but in light of the 2 years or more of delays it must be seriously questioned as to whether the latest dates for publication will be met.
5) Not only is the draft Local Plan not published but neither is the Annual Monitoring Report for year end March 2014 or any updated total housing numbers for Telford and Wrekin.
6) We understand that Mr Barker, following the meeting referenced in point 1) above, is in February 2015, meeting the Chief Planning Officer, Mr Steve Quartermain. We assume that these discussions may have an impact on the draft Local Plan.
7) In the Shropshire Star under an article headed ‘Playing field’s future debated’, Leader of the Council, Kuldip Sahota is quoted as saying ‘ We need to ensure we protect open spaces for leisure and other use’.
8) We would ask that you reject the application for the reasons given above and that the open space semi-natural land is protected as per the comments from Cllr. Sahota and as per the emerging Newport Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Sent for and on behalf of the Save Newport Campaign

Cllr Adrian Meredith – T&W Borough and Newport Town Councillor
Patrick Beech –Chairman of Newport Chamber of Commerce
David Parker –Chairman of Newport and District Civic Society

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