Sainsbury’s Superstore off Station Road

Telford and Wrekin Council (TWC) have issued the letter below to the consultant acting on behalf of St. Modwen regarding the proposed Sainsbury’s superstore on the greenfield site off Station Road owned by TWC. We understand that as of the middle of last week, a response to the letter had not been received by TWC.

We understand that unless St. Modwen withdraw the application, the Preliminary Inquiry Meeting (PIM) scheduled for 17 September 2014,to be attended by the Planning Inspector and representatives of all the parties will take place.

We will provide more details concerning the PIM nearer the date.

The letter from TWC:-

Town & Country Planning Act 1990

Erection of a new superstore, highway works, associated infrastructure and landscaping

Land To The West Of, Station Road, Newport, Shropshire

I refer to the above application which has been called-in for the Secretary of State’s determination. The local planning authority is conscious that the pre-inquiry meeting is to be held by the Inspector on 17th September, next. The local planning authority is anticipating that the Inspector at this meeting will identify the key issues on which he will expect evidence to be presented at the forthcoming public inquiry. The Council intends to present evidence on retail planning issues, together with general planning policy matters. It is not now intending to provide evidence on employment issues.

As you will appreciate, the appeal hearing will need to consider the changes that have occurred within the local planning environment following, amongst other matters, the Court of Appeal judgment and the recent planning permissions for residential and other developments in Newport. Moreover as you are also aware, the Council has recently granted planning permission for a new Aldi foodstore at Audley Avenue. Clearly this will influence the evidence that will be put to the inquiry by the various principal and third parties.

Although the Borough Council is no longer the determining planning authority in respect of this application, it will need to seek the views of the Council’s Planning Committee so that it can present up-to-date evidence and information as appropriate and seek confirmation that the Council’s elected members still wish to maintain its support for the application. At this stage, however, your client does not appear to have provided any updated information about the changing planning environment locally and has not sought to provide further retail analysis, particularly following the Council’s decision to grant planning permission for the Aldi proposal. You will appreciate that the Council is unable to respond to the application without further retail and other planning assessments being submitted by your client.

I would be grateful if you would confirm your cleint’s position in relation to this call-in inquiry and confirm whether it will be appearing at this inquiry. Further, I would be obliged if you would confirm whether it is your cleint’s intention to provide further evidence as outlined above and a timetable for the presentation of this evidence to the Planning Inspectorate. It is only then, in my view, that Council officers and consultants will be in a position to consider your new work and make the appropriate officer recommendation to the Planning Committee.

I would be grateful for your early response to this letter

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