Right of Way – land behind Willow Tree Cottage

Residents may have seen the notice on the stile for the Right of Way across
the land behind Willow Tree Cottage i.e. the land on which Shropshire homes
have applied to build 51 homes.

The notice is headed ‘Footpath No.1 Parish of Chetwynd Aston and Woodcote
Diversion Order 2 of 2015’.
The end date for any objection to the diversion is 23 May 2015.
Any objection must state the reason for objecting.
As the Right of Way diversion is for the Shropshire Homes application which
is likely to go back before T&W Plans Committee this year following the T&W
5 year Housing Land Supply debacle, the housing application cannot be
considered by T&W until after the expiry date of the Notice on 23 May 2015.
Accordingly, it may be that residents would wish to object along the lines
of :-
‘on the basis that the diversion notice is premature given that
application TWC/2013/0855 is to be reconsidered by T&W Plans Committee
and,therefore, the expiry period for the Notice should be extended for a
suitable period after the application has been reconsidered by T&W Plans
Committee i.e. the T&W Plans Committee may either refuse the application or
seek amendments to the plans with implications for the Right of Way.
What is the point of diverting the path from its present course which is
straight across the field other than for the Shropshire Homes application’.
The objection should be emailed to Mr Jonathan Eatough, Assistant Director
Law & Democracy & People Services at T&W – jonathan.eatough@telford.gov.uk

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