Questions Time – Newport December 3, 2012

On December 3, 2012 a Question and Answer session was held at The Hotel Victoria in Newport, Shropshire addressing the issues regarding the number and scale of the planning proposals being imposed on Newport Town.  These included the Station Road Sainsbury’s Supermarket development and the number of new houses being accepted by the Telford & Wrekin Planning Board.

The ‘Top Table’ consisted of the following people in the order in which they made their opening remarks:

  • Pat Beech – Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce
  • David Parker – Chairman Save Newport Campaign and Chairman Newport Regeneration Partnership
  • Mark Pritchard – MP for The Wrekin
  • Charles Smith – Councillor Telford & Wrekin
  • Michael Barker – Planning Officer Telford & Wrekin
  • Adrian Meredith – Councillor Telford & Wrekin (no opening remarks)

The session was recorded and can be heard by clicking on the links below.

Opening introductions and speeches from the ‘Top Table’

Part 1

Part 2


Questions “Why is T&W determined to destroy the market town of Newport through unnecessary and inappropriate over development?” and “T&W describe themselves as a co- operative council. A cooperative council is supposed to listen to its residents. Why are T&W ignoring what its residents are saying including the local LABOUR GROUP in Newport as T&W is a Labour controlled council, yet is not listening to its own members?” [This session includes Charles Smith comments about listening to the ‘silent majority’]


Questions “Why does Telford & Wrekin Council think it is acceptable to use tax-payers money to fight those self-same taxpayers, how much of the council tax payers money is T&W going to spend appealing against decisions made by government inspector’s and how much has it spent so far?” and “Do the people who will buy the properties that are being built on land that floods have any recompense?  (And no SUDS WON’T WORK if the water table is high), or is it a case of no longer T&W’s problem when these poor souls are lumbered with high insurance premiums or uninsurable homes?”


Questions “In what way are our local councillors accountable for their decisions especially when they go against national and local planning policy?”and “The previous T&W council voted to include income from the sale of land at Station Road in their 2012/2013 budget, this resulted in the present council having to pass the Sainsbury’s planning application.  Why is such practice permissible surely this infers pre-determination and the income should only be included in a budget after a planning application has been properly determined?”


Questions “What does T&W intend to do if Eric Pickles turns down the planning application for Station Rd?” and “Housing number questions” plus further Supermarket location issues and responses

Part a

Part b


Questions “Environmental Impact questions (Shropshire Wildlife) related to flooding, etc.” and “Mr Tringham S106 restoration offer and are the Council aware of it?” plus “Newport’s proportionate contribution to the number of new homes in the area” and “School numbers and the impact of new housing” and “Closing comments from the floor”


Summing Up


In addition Mr Bill McClements spoke on Radio Shropshire regarding the £1.5M that Telford & Wrekin are spending on challenging inspector’s decisions when it does not go T&W’s way.  The discussion including Andrew Eade’s responses are in this recording


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