PROW Modification Order

We’ve been chasing progress on the application to T&W to add 3 informal footpaths, on land between Station Road and Church Aston, to the Definitive Map i.e. to have them designated as Public Rights of Way, which we submitted in March, following the comments made by the VG Inspector in her report. Apparently applications are normally dealt with in date order of receipt (which can mean a wait of some time) unless there are imminent development plans for the land requiring speedy resolution of outstanding legal issues, when the application would be given higher priority.

T&W’s Rights of Way officer has now informed that this application will not be prioritised because development of the land is “not imminent at this time”, as advised by T&W’s Property and Investment Team.

So, as things stand, the application is currently dormant and will be dealt with in due course which could be some years hence (it is no.73 on the list). If the situation changes, we’ll be informed and IF (hypothetically) it were to be prioritised, it would be just those paths on the Council-owned land.


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