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There is still time to make your views known about major development proposals affecting Newport says the Save Newport Campaign (SNC).

Telford & Wrekin Council, in its role as a local planning authority, has been forced by the huge number of representations made by local people to extend its deadlines for consultation on several major development proposals affecting Newport.

So if you haven’t already had your say now is the time to make your views known by writing or emailing to the borough council (details provided below). Here is an up-to-date summary of relevant planning applications:-

TWC/2011/0916 – a full planning application for a superstore, access, car parking & servicing area, car wash, petrol filling station & landscaping works on land to the west of Station Road, Newport. The proposed superstore is approximately as big as Asda at Donnington, will be open 24hrs, and in our view will badly affect Newport’s traditional High Street traders;

TWC/2011/0871 – an outline planning application for ~350 new houses, an 80 place extra-care scheme for older people, a superstore & petrol filling station, and ~4.5 hectares of employment use development on land to the east and west of Station Road, Newport. All of the proposals set out in this application except the employment land is contrary to approved local planning policy documents and should be opposed in favour of brownfield sites and other land already identified and consulted on by the planners;

TWC/2011/0853 – renewal of a previous planning application for the erection of buildings for employment use and a car auction at Parklands House, Audley Avenue, Newport (Audley Avenue Industrial Area);

TWC/2011/0850 – proposals to create a wildlife area and extension of allotments by tipping of inert waste / landfill on land adjacent to the A41 by-pass (Audley Avenue Industrial Area). Previously this application was referenced TWC/2011/0074 but we understand it was withdrawn because of ecology and environmental problems.

TWC/2011/0827 – an outline application to build ~215 new houses on land to the east of Audley Avenue, Newport (adjacent to Newport Cemetery, extending towards the A41 by-pass). The developer (St. Modwen’s) is the same as that for 0871 & 0916 (see above). SNC are concerned that the site cannot be adequately accessed without compromising separation of industrial and domestic traffic, and it appears that this site has been disaggregated from the Station Road sites to influence local perceptions by reducing overall scale and impact;

TWC/2011/0821 – an outline application to build ~285 houses on land at Wellington Road, Newport (Grove Farm). The proposals are for development on greenfield land and, in our view, there are undeveloped brownfield sites that should be considered for development first;

TWC/2011/0632 – an application to provide a supermarket on the classic furniture site. SNC believe this proposal will adversely affect traders on the High Street and it will displace the existing classic furniture business possibly resulting in loss of skilled jobs.

TWC/2011/0334 – planning permission has been granted for 61 new homes on land off Audley Road, Newport (the former Newport Business Park). On the plus side this is a brownfield site and is consistent with local planning policy. On the down side it looks as though the borough council are going to settle for just 15% affordable housing despite Newport’s dire need for more good quality affordable housing for our newly forming households;

W/2008/0934 – planning permission granted for ~209 continuing care residential accommodation units for older people. This development does not count towards an overall target of 600 housing units to be provided over a 10 year period in Newport (average 60 units per year) despite almost certainly freeing up local housing when new residents move in. Another concern is that the developer may not contribute adequately to the costs of upgrading local infrastructure such as clean water, sewers, and other utility services.

A number of other smaller schemes have been approved in 2011 including for example a development of ~30 houses on land at Broomfield Road. To date each application has been considered separately with little or no account taken so far of their cumulative impact.

The Save Newport Campaign supports proportionate development and accepts that Newport needs new housing and a discount food store near to the centre of town. This would complement our High Street traders and our existing supermarket offer.

However, we are opposed in principle to development on greenfield sites when there are brownfield sites available. Also, we oppose the exploitation of Newport by developers who are only interested in making profits and who care little about the long-term impact they will have on all aspects of our traditional market town.

If you share our concerns please write to: Chief Planning Officer, Telford & Wrekin Council, Darby House, Lawn Central, Telford TF3 4JA, or send an email to:

And finally, a huge thank you to everyone from Newport and the neighbouring parishes who have found time and taken the trouble to let T&WC know your views on the above proposals.

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