Press Release from Newport Town Team

Aldi honours funding for Newport’s ‘town team’


Chairman of Newport’s ‘town team’ Mark Freeman said we are delighted to receive confirmation from Aldi that they will honour their original intention to provide funding for the vital role played by the town team manager, and also funding for Nova Radio.


During our discussions with Aldi we had anticipated that the borough council may not like the idea of funding going direct to an organisation like the ‘town team’ and so we had suggested to Aldi an option of a direct contribution. They did not have to do this however we believe that they appreciate the importance of creating positive links between their new development and Newport’s town centre.


Mark continued “in contrast to some of the current planning applications for edge-of-town retail developments the town team welcomes an opportunity to work with Aldi because they intend to use a brown-field sequentially preferable site and their business model complements’ our existing high street offer. We look forward to working closely with Aldi in ensuring the whole town benefits from their arrival in Newport”.

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