Press Release from Newport Town Council

Following the recent announcement in the press (regarding the proposed development of supermarket on the edge of Town) Sainsbury’s, asked to meet with representatives of Newport Town Council in order that they could explain their element of the proposed development on the ‘Station Road’ site.  Councillors Forrester, Meredith and Nelson were the Town Council representatives.   The meeting started with an explanation by Sainsbury’s of some of the changes proposed to the original planning application.  Members noted the proposed changes and listened to the justification.  However, the specific matter is an agenda item on the Town Council Planning meeting scheduled for next Wednesday and it was not appropriate for last night’s meeting to consider providing comment.  However, the information provided by Sainsbury’s was informative.

The Councillors reiterated the Town Councils position made in November on the planning application, to oppose the development.  They provided some context around the Town Council opposition and voiced many of the concerns raised by residents that formulated the Town Council’s view.  The councillors enlightened Sainsbury’s with the ‘resident-eye’ view (as seen by the Council) of the importance of the High Street as a community asset.  They further pointed out that, it had undergone significant investment in recent years.  Its economic and social importance should not be underestimated.  The importance of Hutchinson’s way as it currently stands was also, made clear.

Councillors further explained (from their perspective) what they understood Newport residents thought of their town, what was special and unique, as well as the challenges that other developments and the proposed Telford & Wrekin budget cuts were imposing on the Town.

Sainsbury’s provided a summary of activity they had engaged in, in relation to other planning applications, in other market towns, and how they would wish to be part of and a contributor to the Town, if the planning application was successful.

A fuller brief will be provided for consideration to all Town Councillors prior to the Town Council meeting next week.

Press Release

02 February 2012


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