Please attend the plans committee meeting!

3 Newport applications at T&W Plans Committee. 24 June 2015

The applications for housing on land to the rear of Willow Tree Cottage; east and west of Station Road and housing on land to the north of Audley Avenue have now been listed by T&W to be heard at the Plans Committee meeting on 24 June 2015.
The applications are being taken back before Plans Committee now that T&W have realised they have approved applications giving an 8.2 years housing land supply whereas they only needed a 5 year housing land supply.
The link below has the officer report for each application No surprise that the recommendation for each appears to be to approve again. Can we please encourage as many people as possible to attend the meeting next week.
It will be the last real opportunity to demonstrate the depth of feeling that many people in Newport feel about these disproportionate and unreasonable developments. This applies particularly when one considers that the draft Local Plan “Shaping Places ” is to be presented to their Cabinet 24 hours after this meeting and they have an 8 year Housing land supply
We will be providing further details once we have reviewed the reports in detail and asked for clarification of any issues arising from the reports :

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