Planning Committee to reconsider 3 Newport planning applications

The Council are to take 3 Newport planning applications back to a reconstituted (post election) Planning Committee on the 24th June

– Station Road (TWC/2011/0871); Land to rear of Willow Tree Cottage (TWC/2013/0855); Land to north of Audley Avenue (TWC/2011/0827) – following the publication (20th March 2015) of a revised 5 year Housing Land Supply Statement which demonstrated that the Council does in fact have a 8 year supply of land for housing (i.e. nearly double the amount of land required to meet housing needs over the next 5 years). This is recognised by the Council as constituting a ‘material change in policy’, hence the need to take these applications back to Committee. As a result the Council are inviting further comment from those people who responded to the initial consultation on these applications before the 29th May.
Whilst the Council is not requiring objectors to resubmit their original comments on these 3 applications, on the basis that the application proposals have not changed, they are inviting people to submit any new additional comments. Notwithstanding this advice, it is important that objectors email or write to the Council ( ) re-iterating that they wish their original objections to be noted and adding any of the following additional objections or any others residents wish to raise:

– because the Council does now have sufficient land for housing to meet forecast housing needs over the next 5 years (to 2019), then any decision made now by Planning Committee would be premature, and that the particular site should now be considered as a potential development site as part of the forthcoming new Local Development Plan (Shaping Places), for which a draft for consultation, outlining proposed development sites over the period to 2031), is to be published in late June 2015;

– the Council’s current Development Plan (Core Strategy + saved policies from the Wrekin Local Plan), which runs to 2016, still applies, and that therefore the policies relating to the retention of open space also still apply;

– the whole process is a smoke screen and is to make the applicants safe from any future legal challenge as suggested in the letters issued by T&WC to the various applicants in April 2015.

P.S. T&W have now said 4 Newport applications are being taken to Plans Committee. If anyone has a notification by email or letter from T&W of an application other than the 3 above can they let us know please.

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