Planning Applications-Some Consultation Dates Extended

a) TWC/2011/0334 (61 houses former Newport Business park) – approved at T&W Plans Board  5 October 201.Percentage for affordable homes agreed at only 15% (T&W target 35%) as house builder reps.


b) W2008/0934 (Continuing Care -209 units-classed as C2 therefore do not count against 600 housing figure) – approved at T&W Plans Board 5 October 2011.Concerns expressed by Plans Board about ‘care package’ which has to be bought from care facility operator plus where will the 209 patients come from -all from Newport-unlikely.Officers instructed to ensure tight conditions covering concerns reflected in S.106. If cannot be agreed must come back to Plans Board.

S.106 financial contribution £15k for upgrade of external pavement and bus shelters.

T&W ‘superstore et al’ scheme also has circa 80 extra care which they want also want classed as C2.


c) TWC/2011/0632 -food store on Classic Furniture site. Three month period within which application should have gone before Plans Board expired on 27 October 2011.Seems T&W have delayed this by saying further retail study required by White Young Green re. the application.Consultation expiry date 2/11/2011.


d) TWC/2011/0821 -Land at Wellington Road,outline application for circa 285 dwellings and related works. Consultation expiry date 21/11/2011.


e) TWC/2011/0827 -Outline application for 215 dwellings on land to north of Audley Ave.From a very quick review of a couple of docs. this looks like only applying for approval essentially for access to and from site with everything else taken as a reserved matter.From what I can see they have only amended traffic flow calculations to cover potential traffic increases from Mr. Tringham applications on Audley Ave. and do not seem to take account of the application St. Modwen are also part of for ‘superstore et al’ and traffic/ road configurations required for superstore etc. Consultation expiry date 23/11/2011.



f)) TWC/2011/0871 – Station Road etc., outline planning application for ‘SUPERSTORE’,350 dwellings plus circa 80 extra care (C2),4.5 ha. of employment land etc. Again appears to be applying only for traffic/transport/roads approval with everything else taken as a reserved matter.Consultation expiry date 23/11/2011

g) TWC/2011/0916 -Land to west of Station Road.Described as full planning for the superstore and related works only i.e.not housing,office park etc.Need to check detail of application to see extent of related works.Consultation expiry date 21/11/2011


h) TWC/2011/0853 – Parklands Hse.,Audley Ave.,Renewal of application for erection of bdgs.for employment use and car auction etc. Consultation expiry date 8/11/2011.


i) TWC/2011/0850 – Audley Ave.,creation of wildlife/allotments with inert waste/landfill etc.I have not viewed yet but this was applied for earlier in the year under no.0074 and we understand it was subsequently withdrawn by the applicant due to failures to satisfy various bodies on ecology,environmental front.Was then  supposed to be a connected application with 0632 but again this did not happen and decided now to submit as separate application.Consultation expiry date 15/11/2011.

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