Mere Park -Lidl Consultation Event.

We understand that a public consultation event will be held this coming Monday 11th November 2013, at Mere Park between 3 pm and 7 pm in relation to the proposal for a Lidl store to operate from Mere Park.

Newport Town Plan – Community Questionnaire -online.

Following the resolution of technical problems, we understand that the survey can be completed online.

Click the link below:-

which takes you to the Newport Town Council – Town Plan page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link in red which says ;-

‘Please click on this link to access the online questionnaire’

this takes you to the questionnaire and at the very bottom of the last page of the questionnaire is the ‘Submit’ panel -click on this and your questionnaire is sent .

PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING when completing your comments:-

A number of residents have said that they are confused by the various stages of the legal actions and Planning Inquiries around the various sites proposed for supermarkets. You will have recently received a summary of what is happening from Gary Wade.

As regards the land at Station Road, for those residents who wanted to see it retained as an area of semi-natural open space for the benefit of residents , it is still perfectly in order to enter this as a comment in the online Town Plan questionnaire.

Similarly, as regards those residents who support a store on brownfield as opposed to greenfield land, it is similarly perfectly in order to enter such as a comment.

As regards housing, for those residents who want to see the provision of some social rented housing to help young people and young families, again do enter your views as a comment.

It is important that as many questionnaires as possible are completed so please take a few minutes to complete and submit.

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