Newport -where is the affordable housing?

Please see below from the Save Newport Campaign

A resident of Newport has kindly shared with us responses received from T&W as regards the current houses being built on what was greenfield land off Wellington Road :-

Per T&W, in the last 2 years only 2 affordable houses have been completed (0 in 2013 & 2 up to October 2014) and only 15 are planned for 2015.
T&W state ‘ With regard to your comments on the actual number of affordable houses being delivered, the three major applications were outline applications and considerable design work is required to enable the reserved matters applications to be submitted. To date two reserved matters applications at Wellington Road have been submitted and approved for 61 dwellings Phase 1 (TWC/2013/0928) and 33 dwellings Phase 2 (TWC/2014/0437). These phases are currently under construction and will start to deliver affordable units in 2015/16 but have not been included in the previously supplied figure of 15 as we don’t have an exact number for completion in 2015 at this stage. It is anticipated that the remaining reserved matters applications will be submitted to the Council in due course and these will then provide a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bed affordable units as the phases are built out.

When the resident raised the above with the Leader of T&W Council, Kuldip Sahota, during the first of the ‘Conversations with Kuldip’ in Newport library held in January 2015, the response from Kuldip was that affordable homes were planned to be built on brownfield sites in Newport. The resident concerned says that nearly 4 weeks on from the meeting with Kuldip, he is still waiting for T&W to identify the particular brownfield sites and the number of affordable homes proposed for the brownfield sites.

Regards: The Save Newport Campaign

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