The Save Newport Campaign is battling to stop a massive hypermarket on much loved open fields on the edge of the Shropshire market town. The campaign has succeeded in getting the application – approved by the Telford & Wrekin Plans board in July – ‘called in’ by the Secretary of State who will hold a Public Enquiry next year. An application to register the land as a Town or Village Green was made, although Telford Council is attempting to “appropriate the land for planning purposes”.


This week the group met with Mark Pritchard, MP for The Wrekin, who has publicly vowed to support the campaign and back their efforts to protect and encourage sustainable quality development in the town:-


“I am working closely with the Save Our Newport campaign, local businesses and residents. The scale and speed of Telford & Wrekin’s Borough Council’s development plans for Newport are neither sustainable or proportionate. In their current form, the plans are completely unacceptable and I will fight them all the way”


The town is under siege from several planning applications for mass housing developments as well as supermarkets and the SNC group wants Telford & Wrekin Council to consider the cumulative effect of the total on the town infrastructure currently for a town of 11000 residents.

“Out of town supermarkets have devastated high streets across the country and we want to protect our High Street’s long term viability as well as the character of the town. We want the town to grow organically and appropriately and to create quality employment for the long term. We’re very pleased that our MP is backing us and lending his support” said David Parker, the Chair of the Newport Regeneration Partnership, a member of the Campaign with the Chamber of Trade and Newport Town Council. Mr Pritchard is also championing Newport’s submission to the Government’s latest round of Portas grants.


Furthermore the Campaign is delighted that Mark Pritchard is to address a public meeting in Newport on the evening of December 3rd in the run up to the important Public Enquiry into the proposed Sainsbury’s on the Station Road greenfield land in question. It is thought that this case will be a test case for the Government’s new National Planning Policy Framework.


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