Log Sightings on the Shropshire Wildlife Trust

The T & W planners have asked the Newport Agricultural Society (NAS) for an ecology report which is now online. It’s on the T & W planning webpage under ‘eplanning’ ,ref:  TWC/2011/0702 as well as being listed in the documents tab section . The report says that the ecological consultants took their info from the Shropshire Wildlife Trust Register of Sightings and the ecologist says there is bat activity & a badgers set.. The report explains the law & restrictions on development to protect both species which is for bats :no light or noise after dusk and badgers: can’t move the set.

The developers & planners will know of the SWT register and may already have checked the register & found no sightings of bats & badgers in the proposed development area.

Could all those that have seen bats & badgers in the proposed development area log your sighting{s} on the Natural Shropshire website as this is the website that the SWT need people to go to AND tell the planners what they have seen too- just in case there’s little info on the SWT register & the developers have already commissioned and compiled an ecology report which says no evidence of bats & badgers etc.

If you have any specific wildlife concerns with developments then you can contact  Robin Mager via the online enquiries form:


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