Planning decision in Lincs – comparable to Lilleshall ?

Following the decision by T&W Plans Committee in December 2014, to reject the application to build 110 homes on a greenfield site off Muxton Lane and the ‘curious comment’ in the Minutes of the meeting by Mr Barker about the status of the Core Strategy, we are grateful to a local resident for bringing the below to our attention.
Unallocated sites rejected given adequate housing supply
9 January 2015 ,
The development of 11 and 29 dwellings on two sites in Lincolnshire has been refused permission, an inspector being satisfied that there was no need to develop on unallocated greenfield land.
In opposing development on the two sites which lay opposite each other, the council stated that it could demonstrate an adequate supply of housing land. A site allocation plan also identified a range of new housing sites which did not include the appellants’ landholding. New greenfield sites on the edges of settlements were not acceptable unless they involved infill development of 10 dwellings or less or the redevelopment of existing sites.
The appellants argued that the council could not demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land, but little evidence to support this claim had been supplied, the inspector concluded. Neither site met the requirements for infill development and in the absence of a compelling need for more housing, releasing greenfield land for development was contrary to the adopted core strategy and development management policies. The suggestion that new housing was required to support local services was insufficient by itself to warrant additional development since such an argument could be applied to many sites around the district, and the provision of 35 per cent affordable housing did not outweigh the policy conflict.
Inspector: G Jones; Written representations

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