Unfortunately,late on Wednesday night, the barrister who had been instructed to represent the application by Mr. John Rudd to have the land off Station Road designated as a Town or Village Green, had to withdraw from the case due to ‘very compelling personal reasons.’The Inspector and T&W were informed of this.

Extensive enquiries were made in an attempt to find a barrister who could be available to appear on Monday 24 September 2012. In view of the very short time scale and the considerable amount of work needed by any barrister to prepare for the Inquiry,it has not been possible to find a replacement able to meet the 24 September 2012 Inquiry start date.

The Inspector has now adjourned the start of the Inquiry to 1st October 2012. Once finalised, further details regarding the Inquiry will be sent round during the course of next week.

Thank you for all your support

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