Final Day of the Inquiry

Final day until Inquiry reconvenes on 25th April 10.00am at Grays Inn Telford for 2 days. Today saw completion of cross examination of Co- op retail witness, followed by presentation of SNC’s case by our pro bono planning consultant, Allison Blakeway. Allison did us really proud, despite no QC protection, she not only put forward our planning case with clarity and confidence, but then withstood a cross examination from one of the most eminent planning QC’s and gave as good as she received. The fact that he did not question Allison on the issue of open space, confirmed our belief that this was something of an achilles heel in the evidence presented by the developer and Council over the past three weeks.
So, overall, SNC has acquitted itself incredibly well, both in terms of the witnesses that gave evidence and the case presented on our behalf by Allison, and not forgetting the invaluable contributions made by both Peter (two brains) Chadwick and Janet Clarke, the latter under particularly challenging circumstances.

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