Extract from Newport Town Council Planning Committee Minutes of a meeting held 4th January 2017

The comments and objection by the Town Council Planning Committee may be of interest to residents.

TWC/2016/1152 – Demolition of existing buildings and outline planning application for up to 95 houses and associated facilities, with all matters reserved.
Site of Parkland House, The Car Auction Ltd & Land north of Audley Avenue Industrial Estate, Audley Avenue, Newport, Shropshire.

Whilst acknowledging the Application Site represents an opportunity for regeneration in an area which has been underutilised and redundant for several years, members object to this application for housing on the grounds that this area is not identified or designated in the Telford & Wrekin Local Plan for Housing Site Allocation. It is not contiguous with the built area of the Town thereby creating a significant housing development out on a limb, in isolation within an industrial area.
The Town Council considers that scale of the development, 95 dwellings all affordable social housing units is likely to create an over concentration in one area, and openly identify affordable dwellings. Members would prefer to see integration within a mixed occupation and be ‘tenure-blind’ on a development of this size, to promote a sense of a mixed community, social cohesion and inclusiveness.
The need for affordable homes is acknowledged and welcomed for Newport, but members consider that there must be balanced stock on residential housing developments and as in the emerging local plan Policy HO 5 proposes 35% provision on developments sites over 11 units must be rigorously enforced.

If the LPA are minded to grant permission, members would require that Public Land of equal footprint be designated green network, to protect the diminishing open space in Newport.
The Town Council also has aspiration to continue to provide burial space and cemetery land. With the lessening of open space and ever increasing number of housing developments, Public Land requires some protection, and recognised designation to ensure that the future generations have a continued strong, social and fiscal community.
The site and the wider area is identified and recognised as an employment and industrial location, with an awareness that there is a deficiency in Newport for such provision, and as such this site, should remain as a business park for the protection and continued economic growth of the Town.

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