Extended time to 14th January 2016 to comment on T&W Consultation on Proposed Changes to Stafford St. and New St. Public Car Parks

Following notification from a number of residents that the survey for the proposed car park changes closed before the 31 December 2015 end date,

T&W have now agreed to extend the consultation survey to 14th January 2016. If you click on the link below and then on the survey link, the survey form will now open. At the time of writing the webpage still says the survey closes on 31 December 2015 –ignore this – the survey link will open the survey form:-


We set out below some comments from residents that you may wish to consider. If you have previously completed the survey but now want to add comments in relation to the below or any other issues, then complete the form again and add your comments in the comments box on the penultimate page of the form:-
A number of residents have suggested extending the Water Lane car park as the land at the bottom of the park is wet in winter and little used in summer; ball games dangerous as near road etc.; with Vic car park now charging/soon to be built on or used by students if Vic is converted for student accommodation, cars are now parking on Water Lane.
Current proposals just seem like a back door way for T&W to reintroduce parking charges i.e. for the short term car park need a traffic warden to ensure people comply with requirements so charge will appear shortly after introduction of the proposals.
With several hundred new homes already built and with at least 1,300 approved but yet to be built, excuses about T&W having no money does not sit well against the new homes bonus they have/will get from the houses built in and around Newport plus the S. 106 monies from developers.
If they have no money then where is the funding coming from for the works they propose to both existing car parks.

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