Email from T&W re Amended Plans for Station Road.

All representations will be considered by officers and the main points raised summarised in the officer report. So there is no need to repeat objections already made. I’ll attempt to pick out any new issues raised and summarise these in my report too.


Strategic Development Manager

Telford & Wrekin Borough Council

Tel 01952 380380


Land to West of Station Rd – TWC/2011/0916 Amended Plans: Email sent to T& W:

What is the status of the original objections you received? I am assuming they are still taken into consideration in your report to Plans Board, or do all original objectors need to resubmit comments particularly where the developers addendums have sought to address some of the specific objections they have raised? This is obviously very critical to the whole planning application process, as many people who have received letters from you pointing out the new addendums are unclear as to wheteher they need to amend/resubmit their original objections and are seeking clarification.

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