Email from Cllr. Adrian Meredith

I spent from 10 30am until 2 30pm filming around the High street and on the Station Road site to day with the BBC reporter and two of their camera men and for what??

We broadcast live at 1 30pm which of course I have not seen , the little bit of coverage shown in the 6 30 pm news was to me a complete waist of time, what happened to the 6 or 7 interviews with shoppers in the High street, the half hr of filming on the Station Rd site which they cut to half a minute the interview with my self in the guild hall when we were looking at and discussing the various site maps, I have to ask my self what did they do for us or for that matter for their own story such as it was on Midlands To Day news bulletin. It took me a long time to get them here and now I feel totally embarrassed at the result I think they let us down badly, unfortunately I had no control of what they did and was only allowed to pretty much answer their questions, I feel that I have let every one down and can only apologise for the very poor effort made by BBC, It was to me a complete farce from start to finish which made me look a bit silly

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