Email Eric Pickles Today!!

If you have not already done it please this weekend email to and copy to something along the lines of:

Dear Secretary of State,

We are aware that you cannot hear arguments about specific planning applications when you are giving consideration as to whether to call-in or not. This email is,however,about the political implications of local authorities failing to properly apply the provisions of the NPPF and relevant parts of the Localism Act 2011,both of which have only recently been brought into operation.

We know from your various Press Statements that you have been frustrated in your efforts over the past two years in trying to return powers as regards planning matters to the grass roots of parish and town councils,prior to the Localism Act being put on the statute books. You now have the necessary powers but we are concerned that you are now leaving interpretation of these to local authorities. We know from your visit to Shropshire on 1st March 2012,that you expressed your concerns about Telford and Wrekin Council announcing that Council Tax for the current financial year was to be raised by 2.5%, thus avoiding a referendum. What you should also be concerned about is the political implications of allowing Telford and Wrekin Council to ride roughshod over the NPPF and Localism Act 2011,as they did at a Plans Board meeting on 25 April 2012,when giving approval, subject to your right to call-in,as regards the application to allow a ‘superstore’ to be built on green field open space land at the very edge of the market town of Newport Shropshire. This does not put brownfield and town centres first, and nor does it properly acknowledge the strength of the local community’s opposition to this proposed development.

The intention of driving down to local level a whole range of issues,was within the Conservative Party manifesto for the last general election.

Please act and do not let Labour controlled local authorities (of which more exist after recent local elections) ignore the will of Parliament and you as Secretary of State.


Thank you.

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