Development Proposals

This website is to make the residents of Newport and Church Aston’s voice heard over the huge plans to develop all the green land to the south and east of the town. The plans are being prepared in partnership with developers Davidsons Developments and St. Modwen and Telford and Wrekin Council.

The Plans

A multi-million pound scheme for Newport, which includes hundreds of new homes, a supermarket, business park and improvements to Burton Borough School, has been unveiled. This includes development of all the remaining green field sites along the eastern and southern boundaries of Newport from the A41 to Church Aston.


The new supermarket development together with a petrol filling station would be built off Station Road with plans including the provision of a new bus service around Newport as well developing on the land off the A518 into a business park. There will be up to 800 houses across sites at Audley Avenue, Grove Farm and the Audco/cement works site.

Burton Borough School

The clever marketing ploy that Telford and Wrekin have employed is to make the residents assume that the grant for the Burton Borough is part of the development, when in fact it has nothing to do with the planning. It is a separate Government funded Building Schools for the Future Grant and it is unlikely that it affects, or has any direct bearing on the huge development plans at all.

Short Term Thinking

Whilst Telford & Wrekin Council boast about the number of jobs they will be creating, there will not be enough jobs compared to how many people they are planning to bring into the town with this application. These people will find themselves travelling further afield to Telford, Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury so surely contradicting the purpose? There will also be short term jobs for contractors, instead of long term prospect jobs.

Stay Local

Surely isn’t it about time that these figures of power use their authority to improve what is already there in Newport, which is many local businesses constantly having to fight against the power of the ‘big boys’ in Telford. For it now to be happening on their own doorstep surely signifies the start of the end for many small businesses in Newport?

As you can see, there are a lot of questions and now we want answers! Unless you want to swap your hedgerow for a car park, or your country view for a housing estate, then get behind this campaign and join the Facebook page, sign the petition, write to the Councillors or all three!


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