Day 9 of the Inquiry

Day spent with Indigo highway witness re-running arguments as to why Audley Avenue preferable in accessibility (foot, cycle, car) terms to Station Rd site, followed by evidence and start of cross examination of Co-op’s retail witness, which will probably continue all morning tomorrow. SNC’s only witness, planning consultant Allison Blakeway, will be cross examined tomorrow afternoon on her proof of evidence. Our QC is not available tomorrow to take her through her proof or re-examine afterwards.

The Inspector has agreed that the Inquiry will now reconvene, for the 2 final days needed, on April 25th and 26th, venue to be determined, where the Section 106 agreement (Memorandum) will be discussed/agreed and closing statements made. We will be seeking clarity tomorrow on a number of issues, one being the timescale for remaining witness statements to be submitted (which could be tomorrow).

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