Day 8 of the Inquiry

The morning saw the cross examination by Indigo’s Nathalie Lieven QC of the Council’s planning consultant, who was representing the Council instead of its of one of its own planning officers. Somewhat bizarely much time was spent discussing Chetwynd Deer Park and how it accessible (not) it was to the general public! You might ask what has this to do with Station Rd; I could not possibly comment!. This afternoon saw the first public session at which Eric Ashcroft (flooding), Linda Fletcher (archeological and historical), Gary Wade (an impassioned view from across the road), Paul Evans (open space), Cllr Eric Carter (economic/regeneration/policy), Mick Coats (changing shopping patterns), Charles Worth (sustainable development), Carol Murphy (Hutchison Way), Roy Fussell (ecology), provided excellent statements to the Inspector, covering a wide range of issues, and delivered superbly with passion backed by impressive technical knowledge. They were supported by an excellent turn out of SNC members which created exactly the right atmosphere. Hopefully we can now repeat this at the next public session on Tuesday 12th evening 7.00-9.00pm when a further 10 people have indicated they wish to speak.

If you require a lift to the Park Inn, Terry Spooner has kindly provided a suite of mini-buses which will depart from the Stafford St Car Park at 6.15pm, and if you wish to book on one of them and have a free ride over to Telford with other SNC supporters, could you email and reserve a seat.

Our QC (Anthony Crean) will be appearing on the morning of Wednesday 13th to finish the cross examination of the Council’s planning consultant, and take our planning consultant(Allison Blakeway) through her proof of evidence and, following cross examination, her re examination. Again, if you are available, it would be good to give both of them our support.

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