Copy of Eric Pickles Letter

Attached is a copy of the letter from the Secretary of States office.

The Save Newport Campaign would like to thank you all for your interest and efforts over the preceeding months which have gone a long way to making this happen. The campaign will now be focussing on addressing the hearing on all the technical issues and bringing forward all the discrepencies that have been identified during the flawed process. I will continue to keep you updated regarding dates/ venues and procedures and asking you to help in whatever ways may be identified and necessary .
Once again, many thanks for your support which is still needed during the vital future months as we try to finally see off this threat. When Telford & Wrekin talked about “Shaping Places” little did they take into account the fact that Newport people do actually care about “Our Place” and make the effort to maintain it as a jewel that it is, and not a cash cow that they want it to be.


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