Carbon Calculations!

Have been sent this great little carbon calculation…

Based on the Audley Avenue and Grove Farm developments the nearest centre of employment is Telford , 10 miles distant. Other employment centres of Wolverhampton, Stafford and Telford are even further afield.

If the modest assumption is made that each site will bring in 300 car driving working adults, then the daily commute will annualise to 1.44 million miles per site.

This is calculated thus;

300 cars x 10 miles x 2 times per day x 5 working days x 48 working weeks = 1,440,000 miles, 2,316,960 km.

Taking both sites together, based on a very modern fuel efficient mid range car such as the newest Ford Focus producing 139g of CO2/km this equates to 644 tons of CO2 deposited into the environment simply because the houses are in the wrong place, i.e. not where the jobs are.

Feel free to post thoughts or further calculations below!

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