Can you help? Village Green – Evidence Questionnaire

A Public Inquiry is to be held at The Royal Vic starting 24th September, and all the evidence is required by the Inspector by 13th September.  We need to  provide good evidence that this site has been ‘used continuously over the last 20 years (since the By-Pass was opened) for sports and pastimes’ (recreational uses). Therefore could I ask if you feel you can help, can you email John Pay at and complete the ‘Evidence Questionnaire’ (which has been used in other Village Green applications) and return it him asap on line (you do not need to sign it, or answer Qs. 3a &b, and 4 at this stage)?  From the returned questionnaires we are hoping to produce a number of ‘witness statements’ (using the strongest of them) which if you are willing/able you would speak to at the Inquiry.  We have already asked around 25 others to do the same, and will be asking  another 25 or more, once we have made contact/have their email addresses.

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