Anger at behaviour of T&W Plans Committee Chairman

A significant number of residents who attended the T&W Plans Committee meeting on 24 June 2015,

have expressed both anger and concerns over the behaviour of the Cllr. John Minor, the T&W Plans Committee Chairman. A number of people have asked what action they can take as regards his failure to act as an unbiased Chairman and the manner in which he influenced the voting on the proposed site visit to see the extent of the open space greenfield land at Station Road. His various ‘rants’ to the effect that a site visit was never/not going to happen before even a formal request was made and the intimidatory manner in with he addressed a member of the Plans Committee including bringing in party political issues, clearly breached the requirement for the Plans Committee Chairman to act in an unbiased and impartial manner.
If you wish to register your objection to the behaviour , then send an email to the Mr Richard Partington, the Managing Director of TWC and Jonathan Eatough, the Assistant Director for Law and Democracy at the email addresses below.
Please put FORMAL COMPLAINT on your email, reference the T&W Plans Committee held on 24 June 2015, the application no. TWC/2011/0871 –land East and West of Station Rd., state the behaviour which you found objectionable and ask that the application be returned to the Plans Committee without Cllr. Minor in attendance and that the officers again brief members on the need for a site visit before a vote is taken or whatever other form of action you would like to see :-

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