Aldi and Lidl Store Applications

Those residents who received a direct mailing from Aldi in April 2014,stating that the application for the Aldi store on Audley Avenue would go to the 21 May 2014 T&W Planning Committee meeting, may not be surprised to know that T&W have decided not to include the application for consideration at the Plans Committee meeting next week. It is understood that they may now list it to be heard at a meeting on 11 June 2014.

As regards Lidl , T&W published this week the application for Lidl signage to go on the Mere Park garden centre building -TWC/2014/0372.

In a letter submitting the application, Lidl state that pending the determination of the application they submitted in 2013 for a discount food store unit, the application for signage and to trade out of the existing garden centre building forms part of the preparation for a ‘..fall-back position..’. If this action is taken forward the letter indicates that the garden centre will trade from a unit applied for under an application first submitted in 2008.

In the meantime, it is rumoured that T&W may be considering yet another retail report which may end up concluding that Newport could support two stores and not just the one store thus allowing T&W to circumvent the decision of the Court of Appeal. T&W have not responded to requests to either confirm or deny this.


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